Ten-Ring Precision will create custom wood boxes for discriminating shooters.  We have beautiful hinged top cases created from Texas wood such as MesquiteOak and other exotics, but will construct cases to fit your pet pistol or revolver from just about any avaiable wood such as Bubinga, Cocobolo and  Ironwood and Purpleheart.  Cases shown are Mesquite with Tourquois epoxy fill in the splits and voids which make Mesquite wood unique.

Cases may be created with either a French fit which is an inside compartment with your special handgun nestled into it’s own “form fitted” pocket and may include other pockets such as for a box of ammunition or a tool.  Another inside option will be a compartment case which is an internal design dividing the handgun, box of ammo and other items of your choice with straight walled dividers. European gunmakers, Sam Colt and others made these gorgeous cases famous.

My favorite case is what I call a layered case with a removable top shelve and a bottom shelve holding another work of art or even some man jewerly such and a beautiful badge or arrowhead collection.  Depending on the size of the box you could have as many as a dozen square  compartments to hold your unique arrowheads, cuff links, badge collection, rings, watches or any other little piece of manly art you collect. I keep one on the bathroom counter where I dress so I can enjoy a beautiful, custom handgun arowheads, rings and watches to begin the day.

Prices: Since all the cases are different and outfitted to your specifications the prices vary.  An example would be the Mesquite case with Tourquise filler outfitted with a compartment interior – one for the handgun, a cartridge block and a couple of other compartments would cost you about $675.00.  Some case or less, some more depending on your delight.

Compartment case with cartridge blocks.



 President George Bush Pistol in

Cocobolo     Misquite with Purple Heart inlay.

 Buryl Walnut.   French fit case.   Compartment case.

 Mesquite with Tourquise filler.

5 1/2″ or 4 3/4″ Cherry with glass top $150.00

 7 1/2″ solid Walnut $150.00  SOLD!

  7 1/2″ Cherry with glass to for Colt Army – $150.00   SOLD!


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